TFM Early Birds Rewards (First 50 Customers Goodie Bag)

Be early and be rewarded. 
As part of The Fishing Marathon’s opening ceremony celebration, we are giving away 50 goodie bags (worth $30 each) for the first 50 customers with a minimum order of $50. Sometimes, it is a nice being rewarded for arriving early! Catch the goodie bag early!

Promotion begins now! Come and catch'em all! 

Contact for any enquiries or leave a comment below. 


Oct 03, 2016 • Posted by The Fishing Marathon

Dear James,

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Receiving ideas and inputs from our valuable readers and customers for us to be better service provider is what we always look forward to and hope to improve on.

In reply to more products specifications, for all the reels and rods we do indicate the specifications under the ‘Model’ column which is right beside the ‘Description’ button.

Also we are in production on coming out the Pro-Fishing Series with our local pro-anglers on the types of fishing and the acquired equipment’s like rods, reels, lures recommendations and etc.
Hoping that the infotainment webisodes will enable anglers like yourself to help better understand our local and regional fishing terrains. Also, we will try our best to come out with more fishing articles
relating to usage of fishing products.

Our goal is to create a better fishing experience and build a better fishing community in Singapore.

Thank you and appreciate your kind response to us!



Best Regards,

The Fishing Marathon Team.

Aug 23, 2016 • Posted by James

Dear Sir / Mdm,

I been browsing your online store since i came to know about it. Overall it is very well presented however i reckon is a little too less info and specification of certain product. Take for example the rods and reels in the online store. There is no specification mentioned about the product. I have to Google the product name to find out fhe specification.

Most people does shopping online base on reviews and the specification of the product in a page for easy browsing. I hope your team can look into this and also perhaps some recommendation from the local expert on certain product or what is the best gear for what type of fishing. Example if one is going to fish at Pasir Ris fishing pond the best gear will be so call this model reel and rod and the type of line and lure or plastic lure.

I am writing this as i found that this website is not solely on doing business online but also some very nice reading articles.



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