A Couple that Fish Together Stays Together

Some of us or should I say most of us have a problem with fishing. And that problem is getting the word “permission” to go fishing. Yes if you happen to be married or may not be at the age where you can go out without your parent’s approval. Sometimes going fishing can be quite a challenge, I am sure some of you relates to this category. But, there are some people that build their marriage through a sport like fishing. And some of these couples don’t just simply fish anywhere, some of them go the distance or methods to seek an adventure through fishing to build a strong bond of trust, patience and memories together.
To prove to you that I am telling the truth and this is not a fantasy. I’ve met Aza, who happens to be my monthly fixer for my stylist hair and this is not just a regular haircut. Of course he has skills with his scissors and he is a popular barber in Bishan Street 11. But, it is a good 20mins of listening to the details about his recent fishing trips with his wife of 8years Ms. Ayu. Aza and Ayu always plan their fishing trips ahead and frequently. As a married man myself, that always make me look forward to getting my hair cut to know more about their fishing trip experience. I must say that it is exhilarating and heart warming for me to learn about them more and the type of fishing they do together.
I’ve managed to interview this fun bunch and decided it is a must for me to share with you some of the highlights of their love adventures.


When did you and Ayu started fishing together?

Aza: It was back in 2006 when we were friends, she used to accompany me fishing and just like any other guy, I was trying to find a way to get her interested in the sport. So I brought her to Damai Fishing village in JB, she caught her first 3.2kg snapper and won the 6th prize in the competition. Since then, I knew she was hooked.

Was it difficult for you to introduce fishing to Ayu in terms of fishing techniques and methods?

Aza: Initially YES!!! It was hard to convince her that fishing sometimes does not only relies on luck. Some of the things I said, she was skeptical at first but somehow we’ve managed it by doing a lot of research and discussion together. One thing I’ve learned, there is no definite right or wrong technique for sure.

Currently, what type of fishing you and Ayu does frequently?

Aza: We have just started to explore popping for Giant Trevallies but it’s quite challenging for now as Ayu is managing her schedule for her part-time study. On some weekends when time permits, we do bring our kayaks out to fish or do some casting at night when the tide looks good. We have our emergency fishing kit stashed in the trunk for impromptu events like that. Haha.

When did you realized that you are hooked to fishing?

Ayu: It was in the office, when I started to wish that I was at the beach fishing. Talks would seem mundane but I would be on alert when I pick up signals on fishing topics. Friends notice it too. It’s an obsession!

Do you think it is easy for woman to pick up a sport like fishing or even kayak fishing?
Ayu: While some ladies would not find the sport appealing at all, especially when you are soaked in sweat under the sun (or having to hold in when nature calls), it’s really great to see more ladies willing to try this sport. I’m calling out to more ladies to come see the fun that the guys have been keeping to themselves. At the same time, I guess the partner also plays an important role when they are trying to lure the ladies into this hobby. It’s going to take a lot of patience and understanding.

What is your most memorable fishing trip or catch?

Aza: Most, if not all the trips are memorable for me because it’s not just about the catch, it’s the time and bonding that we have together. Each trip is like going for a date when we are planning the things to pack and what apparels to wear.

Ayu: He is lying. It is about the catch. Hahaha. I know that one trip which is the most memorable for us both. It was our first ever Sailfish trip, and we did it from a kayak. Truly an experience of a lifetime and watching the sails flipping right next to us was simply spectacular. All thanks to organizers, Merv Low from Hobie SG and his team for the successful Sailfish Madness event.

What is it about fishing that you think, help in maintaining a good relationship with each other? 

Aza: In some ways, fishing has helped us both learn more about each other’s strength and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. We have had our fair share of good and bad times as spouses, but she is also my fishing buddy, so.. ego can go take the back seat.

Ayu: We actually enjoy spending time with each other (there are spouses guilty of feeling otherwise). Having the same hobby brings us closer together. We share the same stories, we have the same friends and every fishing trip is like a new adventure for us.

Where will be a dream fishing destination for both of you?
Aza: We would both agree… Florida for monster tarpons! It’s still far-fetched for now though, we need to reserve some excitement for later.  After all, life is not about the destination, but our journey together, in God’s will.

Yes, definitely a worthy story to share it with your girlfriend or wife. But don’t blame me if all you get is a stare with “The Rock’s” eyebrow going on above her eyes.

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TFM Writer: Gabriel Lin l Content Contributed by: Aza & Ayu