Making Angling Accessible

At The Fishing Marathon, our goal is to make fishing accessible to everyone, so everyone – expert, novice or beginner – can use our online platform to deepen their knowledge about the Southeast Asia waters and enjoy the tranquility of fishing.

Gearing Up

For the beginners, we offer simple guides to get you started and learn the basics about fishing and the sea. And for those with a little more experience, we have more specialised guides with the latest angling techniques suitable for different types of fishing terrain. Plus, no matter your experience level, you can catch up on what’s hot in the angling world on our online magazine! Besides this, we also offer information on gear and angling attire – complete with product reviews – and we complement this with an online store stocked with the latest fishing tackle products, offering you an all-rounded package to hook your catch of the day.

Adventures through SEA

Finally, we organise competitions, clinics and trips to various fishing destinations in Singapore. You can also catch our original fishing webisodes and share our adventures exploring diverse cultures, trying local delicacies, and of course, also enjoying the waters and marine life unique to our region. So drop us a line to find out more and join us – not to escape from life, but to immerse yourselves even deeper with it!

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