Fishing Paradise – Lure Master Competition (16 July)

With 150kg worth of seabass loaded into the freshwater pond at Fishing Paradise @ ORTO, any angler worth their rod won’t be able to resist the Lure Master Competition.

All 40 slots for the six-and-a-half hour contest were swept up within days and with an added casting accuracy component, the competition was made more competitive.

With a kick-off time of 7am, anglers were already at ORTO as early as 6am to take their favourite spots.

The fishing component of the competition boasted a good start as the seabass were landed one after another within the first hour – at this point there was no way of predicting who was going the win!
Like clockwork, the seabass went quiet and the patins arrived on the scene after 9am – getting hooked up at every corner of the pond.
Anglers were only allowed to use lures with a maximum of three single hooks, all debarbed and they were not allowed to ‘foul-hook’ fish.
Several participants flouted this rule, but this was a normal occurrence for such competitions. As such, no points were given when ‘foul-hooked’ fish were landed.
The weather remained dry throughout the morning, but with no cloud cover, anglers suffered from the heat.
Some rested while many others fought on with countless casts.
Soft plastics were the order of the day, but surprisingly hard body lures were also as productive.
Apart from the usual seabass and patins, other species landed include the Chao Phraya catfish, pacu, rohu and the elusive snakehead!
With an hour left for the fishing component of the competition, it was quite clear who the eventual winners were going to be.
Pond from Thailand was the leader of the pack with Fisherman Li and Rigel Quek battling for second place – one more seabass and Rigel could have been the conclusive runner-up.

The casting accuracy component allowed the top seeds to chase for the prizes at stake – a whopping S$1,288 cash, fishing vouchers and products for first place!
Casting at a 60cm-diameter circular target is no easy feat. Out of a possible 50 points available, the best the competitors could achieve was 20.

At the end of the day, the standings remained as it were – 1st: Pond, 2nd: Fisherman Li & 3rd: Rigel Quek.
Despite the competitive nature of the Lure Master Competition, it was indeed a pleasure seeing anglers from all walks of life fishing side by side – with some even give tips to each other and helping to land fish with the net.

Even non-anglers would be able to appreciate the positive attitude exhibited by the ladies and gents vying for the top prize.

This is already the third installment of the Lure Master Competition and surely we'd like to have similar contests in the near future for anglers to get together – in the spirit of friendly competition.
TFM Writer: Sadat Osman
Photos from: Fishing Paradise at ORTO (facebook page)