Founded by Iitaka Hirofumi and Onikata Takeshi who both have 2 decades experience designing and developing rods for famous Japan listed fishing tackle companies prior to the birth of Legit Design.


Also introducing an established professional angler who represents and is a pro staff of LEGIT DESIGN ­– Daisuke Kita. He begin his path as a professional angler when he participate in JB Top 50 series tournament since 2006. His unbeatable passion on bass fishing is one to admire, where he spends 300 days a year on the water dedicating his time as a true full-time professional angler. Daisuke Kita efforts has won him many prestige awards like, 3 times champion and 1 annual championship (A.O.Y) for JB Top50, champions and Angler of the Year from other JB Tournament including JB Elite 5, JB Classic Series and JB Master Series. In 2016 recently, he has yet again won “Angler of the Year (A.O.Y)” for JB Top50 Championship and number one (Champion) in Japan most prestige bass tournament "Basser Allstar Classic 2016".


LEGIT ­­­­­– has multiple meanings such as real, true and bona fide. But the company’s definition of LEGIT refers to the attributes for pursing high quality and cutting edge performance.


LEGIT DESIGN rod uses high quality material like Aramid fiber to enhance the performance and tenacity. We call it” Aramid Reinforcement” due to its outstanding features of strength and resilient. Aramid fiber are being used wildly in bullet-proof vest and anti-cutting applications, such as vehicle brake pad, aerospace industry parts and anti-seismic construction for bridge building.

Introducing the first product of LEGIT DESIGN – WILD SIDE, a product that is developed and oriented for professional bass tournament. The key features of the rod performance start from the blank design, light weight, casting flexibility, high sensitivity, adequacy of blank power to set the hook and lifting up the fish. The objective of the rod design is to bring confidence and dynamism to the angler. There are up to 6 range of rods to choose from (Bait Finesse Model/Standard Model for Professional Tournament/Solid Tip Model/Power Game Special/Short Concept/Frog Game Special) and 24 difference rods to choose from, from the WILD SIDE series.

Take a walk on the WILD SIDE.


Legit Design Singapore Pro Angler Fatt Jem with the Wild Side WSC64L "Bait Finesse" (6-12lb rating) Rod

The Fishing Marathon - Gabriel going finesse with the Wild Side WSS69L+ (3-6lb rating) Rod for ajing offshore 

The champion - Daisuke Kita going for the winning catch at the JB Top50 Final Tournament

Fatt Jem's 8kg Snakehead fish (Toman) catch of the day picture with the Wild Side Frog Game Special Rod

BLUE WAY which is designed for saltwater game, is the second proud product range of LEGIT DESIGN. BLUE WAY consists of range for light jigging and slow jigging while the BLUE WAY jigging series is coming up soon in the early part of 2017.


The BLUE WAY Light Jigging rods comes with 4 range (Short Pitch Concept Model/Light Vertical Jigging Concept Model/Jig Falling Technique Concept Model/Solid Tip Concept Model) and starts from PE #1, to #1.5 and #2.

Definitely not to be missed, the BLUE WAY Slow Jigging rods, which is highly regarded for its overall looks and slow jigging performance. The design focuses on making your jigs alive, by emphasizing on operability, sensibility and resoluteness. The tip section enables you to have a nice spring-up power, which makes your jigging action comfortable Giving you the added advantage jigging for your catch. While the power of the butt section helps to overcome the current easier.

Slow jigging at the southern islands of Singapore with the Blueway Slow Jigging PE #1.5 Rod

The famous Malaysian angler Ironman with a huge queensland grouper catch

The BLUE WAY Slow Jigging rods come with 4 selections from PE #1.5, #2 and #3.


With the wide range from WILD SIDE and BLUE WAY, you may now pre-order the LEGIT DESIGN rod from our online store (https://thefishingmarathon.com/collections/rods) or visit the rods at our physical office in Singapore (The Fishing Marathon Pte Ltd).

For enquires, call us at +65 62624142 or email us at hi@thefishingmarathon.com