Tips On Baking Your Catch

There are many Asian way to prepare your fish dish, most of the time we steamed the fish hong kong style, deep fried the fish and pour it with sweet and sour sauce or prepare it with Asam gravy. But not many of us have tried the goodness of a mouth watering baked fish when it comes out of the oven. I reason that I personally prefer baking my catch, is the delightful taste of freshness from the fish. Other than pan-frying your fish with simple salt and pepper. Baking is another way to taste how fresh your catch is, as you still get to taste the orgasmic sweetness and freshness of the meat. Trust me, just video yourself and see your face when you take your first bite of the fish. Once your spoon touches the fish, it will first hit the first base which is the crispiness of the skin. Push further and you will reach the tender juicy meat of the fish while the juice goes flowing all over the spoon. To make this wet dream happen for yourself, I thought I'll share with you the simple recipe and easy method to bake your next catch.


Ingredients you need:

    • 2 x Seabass (KBL) or any of your preferred fish
    • 1 x Onion
    • 1 x Tomato
    • 1 x Yellow capsicum
    • 1 x Zucchini
    • 8 x Cherry Tomato
    • 3 x Table Spoon of Butter
    • 1 x Table Spoon of Brown Sugar
    • 1 x Table Spoon of White Sugar
    • 2 x Lemon
    • Sea Salt (Sprinkle to your liking)
    • Black Pepper (Sprinkle to your liking)
    • Chopped Parsley (To your liking)


    Step 1

    Rub the Seabass with Sea Salt and Pepper on both sides and the body. Pre-heat the Oven for 5mins (Temperature at 200 degree.c).

    If you like alittle more sourness, grate some zest from the lemon skin and rub a small amount of it around the Seabass.


    Step 2

    This should take about 5mins preparing the ingredients. Slice the Onion and Tomato before placing them evenly on the tray.

    Dice the Yellow Capsicum and Zucchini, slice the cherry tomatoes into half and leave them on a side plate.

    Next, squeeze the juice from the lemon and place it into a small bowl.

    Lastly, nicely chop up a bunch of Parsley.


    Step 3

    Your 5mins is up, time to place the two Seabass on top of the sliced Onions and Tomatoes that are rested on the tray.

    Place the fishes into the oven and leave it for 25mins, do check that your temperature is set on 200 degree.c.


    Step 4

    Time to cook the side kick of this dish, dizzier some oil onto a heated pan before pouring the diced Yellow Capsicum, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini into the pan. Sprinkle a small amount of Salt and Pepper and add a tablespoon of Sugar. Stir fry the vegetables for a about 5mins.


    Step 5

    To make the butter lemon sauce, add in 3 generous table spoon of butter on a heated pan. Next, pour in the bowl of lemon juice and stir the juice well. Just after this, add in the chopped Parsley and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Cook the sauce for another 2mins.


    Step 6

    After leaving the Seabass in the oven for 25mins, a good way to check if the fish is cooked to your liking. Is to gently poke the fish with a fork to feel the texture of the fish. 

    Once you are satisfied with the doneness of the baked fishes, carefully bring the tray out of the oven and place it onto the table.

    Transfer the fishes on a big plate and decorate the dish with the cooked stir fried Yellow Capsicum, Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes around the fishes.

    You are almost there! Shower the baked fishes with the Butter Lemon sauce.


    Step 7 (EAT)

    Tadaa! Dig into the tender and juicy baked Seabass!  

    Eating baked fish can be addictive. Beware.


    Estimated Total Duration: 35mins


    Hope you will try baking this for yourself or impress your family the next time you land something delicious from the sea. Do share a picture of your baked fish by hash tagging, #thefishingmarathon on Instagram. Yums!


    TFM Writer: Gabriel Lin / Chef Recipe by: Susan Ho