Top 5 Tips Fishing Together as a Couple

Please share with us top 5 tips on fishing together as a couple?

Answer 01

Always look out for each other’s safety. It is the utmost important thing.

Yes, going on an adventure with your partner can be really exciting. But you wouldn’t want any injuries to happen, as your frequency to go fishing will probably be lessen and he/she might not be interested in this hobby again due to the unfortunate experience. So fish with an enthusiastic spirit, inspire your partner to stay positive when fishing and always be ready to keep your lover safe.  

Answer 02

Remind each other about things to bring for your trip. A simple gesture like remembering an extra face buff or packing a favorite drink for your other half to show you care.  Have a checklist to avoid forgetting stuffs (and prevent any arguments later)

Packing and preparing your setup for tomorrow’s fishing trip can be a hassle at times, especially if you leave it till the last night. It is always advisable to pack few days in advance so that you have enough time to stock up your gears and also have enough rest for your trip. If you are going with your partner, do pack as a team to ensure that both of you have all you need throughout the trip.


Answer 03

Be patience and supportive towards each other. It is those limited hours that you have together, away from work, do everything within your control to avoid ruining it.

If you were the one who introduced fishing to your partner and have influenced he/her to take up this sports with you. It is important to be consistent in being helpful and patience as it was you that he/she is doing this in the first place.


Answer 04

Try not to talk-down or discourage any new ideas or curiosity from your partner. Instead, discuss and reason out your concerns or give suggestions where possible. 

Just like anyone who is new to something, we will always be curious and wanting to learn more about it. The good news is that your partner is interested in this and she is starting to take this interest of yours hers as well. Be a team player, it is very rewarding when your spouse grows in this hobby with you.


Answer 05

Take care of all other responsibilities before your trip. You both would want to return home feeling good.

The best part of fishing is the tranquility, don’t go on a trip where you ended up spending time discussing about household chores that are undone or receive multiple calls from work and only going home from fishing to work straightaway. Some fishing trips can cost you quite a sum, make sure the trip is a fulfilling one and make it memorable for both of you to remember and talk about it again.


I am keen to find out more tips on fishing as a couple, do contact me via my email if you would like to share your story with me.


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